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California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802)

State-Wide Energy Benchmark & Disclosure Law

AB 802 Energy Benchmark Compliance Help

Vert Energy Benchmark Tool

Automating AB 802 Benchmark Compliance... across 60+ Utilities & 4 Benchmark Laws in California

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Submit Benchmark Documents

3 Easy Steps, then you're DONE:
​Expected Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Step 1) Download & Sign Authorization Forms

Step 2) Submit Authorization Forms & Proof of Building Ownership

Step 3) Buy Benchmark Credits After We Verify That Your Building(s) Need to Comply with AB 802 

                     (click here to see Benchmark Pricing & Guarantees »)


Done. Your benchmark(s) will be finished behind the scenes, and you can take that vacation...

... because, We Take Care of Everything For You:

- Conduct Portfolio-Wide Research to Determine Which Buildings Have to Comply

- Create a Portfolio Manager Account + Set up Each Property
- Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" Electric Usage
- Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" 
Gas Usage
- Add Property Use Details to Portfolio Manager (for each space type, if multiple)
- Add Electric & Gas Meters to Portfolio Manager
- Run Data Quality Check + Finalize Energy Benchmark Report(s)
- Register all buildings with applicable local law agencies (e.g. Los Angeles EBEWE)

- Submit Benchmark Reports to comply with each applicable benchmark law (no extra fees for multiple laws)



& Tenant

usage must

be obtained


AB 802 law

Questions or need help completing forms? 

(714) 855-1680  |


​- The Vert Energy Group Team

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Step 1) Download Electric + Gas Authorization Forms

This is used to obtain a 12-Month History of Electric & Gas Bills on Your Behalf

(click the logo of your electric AND gas company below to download form)


Step 2) Submit All 3 Docs Needed for Benchmarking
#1 Electric Co. Authorization Form + #2 Gas Co. Authorization Form + #3 Proof of Building Ownership

Step 3) Buy Benchmark Credits (only 1 Credit Needed per building) 

Guarantees & Free Services Included:

+ Penalty Protection Guarantee

+ Price-Match (PLUS $27 OFF) Guarantee

+ 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

+ Free Portfolio-wide Research to determine AB 802 applicability and date of compliance.

+ Free Benchmark Compliance for other applicable local laws (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berkeley)

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