California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802)

Get Benchmark Credits for Turn-Key AB 802 Compliance

How many Benchmarks do you need?

Benchmark Deadline: June 1, 2020 


(# of buildings in California over 50,000 sq.ft.)


Simplify AB 802 Compliance in 3 Easy Steps
​Expected Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Step 1) Download & Sign Authorization Forms

Step 2) Submit Authorization Forms & Proof of Building Ownership

Step 3) Buy Benchmark Credits After We Verify That Your Building(s) Need to Comply with AB 802 

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Done. Your benchmark(s) will be finished behind the scenes, and you can take that vacation...

... because, We Take Care of Everything For You:

Conduct Portfolio-Wide Research to Determine Which Buildings Have to Comply

Create a Portfolio Manager Account + Set up Each Property
Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" Electric Usage
Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" 
Gas Usage
Add Property Use Details to Portfolio Manager (for each space type, if multiple)
Add Electric & Gas Meters to Portfolio Manager
Run Data Quality Check + Finalize Energy Benchmark Report(s)
Register all buildings with applicable local law agencies (e.g. Los Angeles EBEWE)

Submit Benchmark Reports to comply with each applicable benchmark law (no extra fees for multiple laws).



& Tenant

usage must

be obtained


AB 802 law

Questions or need help completing forms? 

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​- The Vert Energy Group Team

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100 Spectrum Center Drive, Suite 900, Irvine, CA 92618 is an online tool to help California building owners and managers comply with annual Energy Benchmark & Disclosure requirements.  This law applies to all buildings in California over 50,000 sq.ft. The annual deadline is on June 1st.

*This website can also be used to manage and comply with other local benchmark laws, including Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and more.


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