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per benchmark* (valid quantity between 11 and 20 benchmarks)


*Want an extra 25% off all benchmark compliance services? 

Select the Benchmarking Partnership option instead!



*Price includes 1-year compliance with AB 802, PLUS other applicable local benchmark laws for FREE.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following local laws:


  • Los Angeles Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency Program (EBEWE)
  • San Francisco Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance
  • Berkeley Building Energy Saving Ordinance



Guarantees Included:

+ Penalty Protection Guarantee

+ Price-Match (PLUS $27 OFF) Guarantee

+ 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Benchmark Credits (Qty: 11-20)


    1 Credit = 1 Benchmark

    (any building in California) 

    Save 25% with a Benchmark Partnership!

    Cancel anytime for free. Learn More »

    enter # of benchmarks needed

    (# of buildings in California over 50,000 sq.ft.)

    Not Sure? Estimate & Save. (learn more)

    What Happens Next?

    • Step 1: Buy Benchmark Credits (next page     )

    • Step 2: Submit Authorization Forms (for your electric & gas companies)

    • Step 3: Submit Property Information Forms

    • You're Done! (We will take care of everything else behind the scenes and notify you once the benchmark is complete)

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