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Energy Benchmark Tool

to simplify compliance with the

City of St. Louis Building Energy Awareness Ordinance

Vert Energy Benchmark Tool

Automating St. Louis Energy Benchmark Compliance... in 30 minutes or less.

Submit 3 Benchmark Docs:

Electric & Gas Authorization Forms + Proof of Ownership

3 Easy Steps, then you're DONE:
​Expected Time to Complete: 30 minutes

Step 1) Download & Sign Authorization Forms

Step 2) Submit Authorization Forms & Proof of Building Ownership

Step 3) Buy Benchmark Credits After We Verify That Your Building(s) Need to Comply

                     (click here to see Benchmark Pricing & Guarantees »)


Done. Your benchmark(s) will be finished behind the scenes, and you can take that vacation...

... because, We Take Care of Everything For You:

- Conduct Portfolio-Wide Research to Determine Which Buildings Have to Comply

- Create a Portfolio Manager Account + Set up Each Property
- Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" Electric Usage
- Submit Data Requests to Obtain 12-24 Month "Aggregated" 
Gas Usage
- Add Property Use Details to Portfolio Manager (for each space type, if multiple)
- Add Electric & Gas Meters to Portfolio Manager
- Run Data Quality Check + Finalize Energy Benchmark Report(s)
- Register all buildings with applicable local reporting agencies

- Submit Benchmark Reports to comply with each applicable benchmark law (no extra fees for multiple laws)



& Tenant

usage must

be obtained

Questions or need help completing forms? 

(714) 855-1680  |


​- The Vert Energy Group Team

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Step 1) Download Electric + Gas Authorization Forms

This is used to obtain a 12-Month History of Electric & Gas Bills on Your Behalf

(click the logo of your electric AND gas company below to download form)


Step 2) Submit All 3 Docs Needed for Benchmarking
#1 Electric Co. Authorization Form + #2 Gas Co. Authorization Form + #3 Proof of Building Ownership


Step 3) Buy Benchmark Credits (only 1 Credit Needed per building) 

Guarantees & Free Services Included:

+ Penalty Protection Guarantee

+ Price-Match (PLUS $27 OFF) Guarantee

+ 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

+ Free Portfolio-wide Research to identify all applicable Energy Benchmark deadlines

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