California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802)

State-Wide Energy Benchmark & Disclosure Law

AB 802 Energy Benchmark Compliance Help

Get Help with AB 802 Energy Benchmark Compliance 

Deadline: June 1, 2020 

all buildings in California over 50,000 sq.ft.

How To Comply with Benchmark:

You have 2 options to comply with the Annual Benchmark requirement:

Option #1:

Get Professional Help

as low as $197* (see pricing »)

Time to Complete: 15-30 minutes per building


Step 1) Create a free account to use the Vert Energy Benchmark Tool

Step 2) Download & Submit Authorization Forms (30 minutes or less)
Step 3) Purchase Benchmark Credits after we verify which of your buildings need to comply

Done. Your benchmark(s) will be finalized and submitted on your behalf.



Done. Time to relax... you deserve it!

You'll be notified once your building is in compliance.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Option #2:

Do-It-Yourself Benchmark

$100-400 in-house labor costs

Time to Complete: 8-20 hours per building


Step 1) Determine if your building(s) have to comply with AB 802, and when
Step 2) Identify which companies supply electricity and gas to the building (e.g. SCE, PGE, SDGE, SoCal Gas BWP, etc)

Step 3) Create a Portfolio Manager Account + Set up each property
Step 4) Determine the appropriate method for obtaining 12-24 months of "Aggregated" utility bills

Step 5) Complete Electric Co. Authorization Forms + Submit Data Requests (owner & tenant usage is needed)
Step 5) Complete Gas Co. Authorization Forms + Submit Data Requests (owner & tenant usage is needed)
Step 6) Add Property Use Details to Portfolio Manager (for each space type, if multiple)

Step 7) Add Electric & Gas Meters to Portfolio Manager
Step 8) Run Data Quality Check + Finalize Energy Benchmark Report(s)
Step 9) Submit Benchmark Report(s) to California Energy Commission