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2024 DIY Energy Benchmarking Compliance Workshop
Free Educational Webinar hosted by VertPro® and Vert Energy Group​

Sign up for a Free Webinar to Learn:​

  • #1) Understand what Portfolio Manager is and why you need it

  • #2) Identify which buildings are/aren’t eligible for a benchmark score

  • #3) Add properties & utility data

  • #4) How to successfully submit your energy benchmark

Bonus: Receive a Free Compliance Plan (including possible exemptions & estimated costs)

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Questions? Call or email us any time – (800) 585-2690  |


- The Vert Energy Group Team

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Prefer Do-it-For-Me over DIY?

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Simplify Benchmark Compliance. Sign Up Now:

Low Cost

No Hassle (30 minutes or less)

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Penalty Protection Guarantee

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VertPro, the only Nationwide Energy Benchmark Platform

VertPro is a one-stop shop SaaS platform for building owners & managers to comply with any Energy Benchmark law across the United States, in 30 minutes or less. Just e-sign authorization forms within the platform and we take care of the rest.


You will also be able to track and improve building efficiency across your portfolio. From obtaining multiple pre-screened bids for various energy projects (like HomeAdvisor, for CRE), to searching for Utility Rebates, to getting professional help identifying which upgrades are best for your specific building.


A one-stop shop to comply with all energy laws + improve the efficiency and sustainability of all your buildings.

Did you Know?
60 Cities Have Energy Benchmark Deadlines in 2024.
If you have buildings in multiple cities, you may have to deal with up to:


Government Agencies


Electric Companies


Gas Companies

Plus, more are added every year, and it can get confusing...

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